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Writing a Book Review Essay

Writing a book review is one of the common essays in schools. Primarily, a book review is a form of literary criticism that involves analysis of a given book on the basis of its content, merit, themes, and styles among other parameters. It is therefore very significant for students to have knowledge on some of the basics aspects of writing a book review.

Book reviews are aimed at developing students’ analytical skills. The goal of a book review is to discuss the content of a given book and to provide a comprehensive analysis of what he or she has read. Reviewers are also expected to deduce whether the author of the book being reviewed has managed to keep the thesis or purpose of his or her book.

Depending on the specification of the instructor, the length of a book review may vary from single paragraph to several pages. However, a good book review should contain a detailed evaluation of the book based on the reviewer’s tastes. It is also important for the reviewer to preset his own ideas of the various topics or themes on the book being reviewed. Presentation of simple plot summaries of the book is also accepted in book review essays.

Therefore, the content of book review is just a simple summary of the major events in the book. As such, the reviewer should always be able to undertake adequate research in order to evaluate various themes and assess the ability of the author to explore various themes in the book and to provide his own opinion of the book.

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