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Capstone Project Essay

A capstone project is a huge assignment intended to be the ultimate set of an undergraduate program. A capstone project generally requires a vast research and is supervised by an instructor or lecturer. A capstone project is deliberated as an intensive and active learning program, necessitating considerable efforts in planning, preparation, and implementation of the ultimate written project.

A capstone project is submitted when the student(s) feel they have written the final work that include the precise area of study, faculty resources that have been used, the number of students participating in the program, as well as what the program entailed. Accordingly, students submitting a capstone project must have written a proposal to their instructor for approval and supervision of the project. A capstone project submitted as the final undergraduate degree task should be written in the form of a scholarly article that can be published in academic journals. It may also include the supporting memorandum, the model bill, as well as other formal documents.

A student is required to defend his or her capstone project before a review committee so that it can be credited. A capstone project is credited based upon various things such as the scope of the program, approximated time period, the number of students participating in the program, as well as the character and intricacy of the ultimate written project. Academic credits are allocated between the project’s work and the final written product. However, credits regarding the project’s works can be altered as opposed to those assigned to the final written paper, which are common school grades.

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